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Most Prestigious Races in the World

formula 1

When it comes to most prestigious F1 races in the world, it is hard to select a particular number of these thrilling events. However, fans from all over the world know their answer without a lot of thinking, even though they have different opinions when it comes to the best circuits and Formula One venues.

Silverstone, which is known as the ‘home of British motorsport’deserves to be on the list because of many reasons. Primarily, Silverstone is the UK’s most famous track which features some of the best corners that can be seen in F1 such as Copse and the Maggotts/Becketts complex. It is necessary to point out that the current layout changed to a great extent in comparison to the original. Nevertheless, the venue remains one of the few ‘old-school’ circuits in the sport. Silverstone offers busy and popular track which host a range of other championships apart from F1 such as FIA WEC and BTCC.